Report on 'Enjoying Birds as God's creation' weekend, November 2014

This was our second opportunity to experience a weekend on Holy Island with Mark Winter and we were not disappointed. In fact we reproached ourselves for leaving it so long to return, as we drove across the causeway on our journey home. 

Of course we hoped to see many different birds and we were not disappointed. We were truly amazed to see sixty, yes 60! during our short stay on this beautiful island. Among them were sightings of Merlin, Peregrine and Barn Owls. Mark’s knowledge, enthusiasm and great sense of fun, made this a truly memorable experience. We will never forget the sight of a murmuration of starlings. Countless thousands of them were seen swirling, as the sun set over the inland freshwater lake and noisily settling down for the night on the adjacent reed bed. 

As neither of us are very experienced or knowledgeable bird watchers, it was great to discover again that this didn’t matter! It was a delight to see and learn so much and to have those special times of quiet reflection too during the weekend when we were able to worship the God who created it all! 

Brian & Jen Friend

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