Goshawk Special at Kielder Forest, 28 March 2020

Join us for a full day of raptor watching at Kielder Forest. Goshawks will be our prime target as they perform their display flights over the forest canopy. There is a good chance of seeing Common Crossbill, Lesser Redpoll, Siskin and perhaps Green Woodpecker. We will also go looking for Mandarin and Goosander duck along the nearby North Tyne river where there is an outside chance of seeing singing Dipper.

Booking is essential for this tour. The price of a full day is £65 for one person or £60 each if you book as a group of two or more. If you are interested in coming, Please get in touch using either the details below or our Contact Us page.

Tour Information



OR for two or more:


Tour Length: 1 day.

Walking Effort: Minimal

Leaders: Andrew Kinghorn


If you would like any more information, or would like to book a tour with us then please do not hesitate to get in touch. See our contact us page or simply email/call:

E: birdwatch.northeast@gmail.com

T: 07717 024099

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