Druridge Bay - Northumbrian Coastline, 11 April 2020

April can be the best of times to birdwatch in North-East England. While many 

winter visitors are departing, some of our summer visitors like the Marsh Harrier,

Avocet and Sedge Warbler are arriving back. 

Join our full day tour of some marvellous nature reserves along Druridge Bay. 

We start at East Chevington where there is still a good chance of wintering

wildfowl, while birds like the Twite and Snow Bunting can be found on the beach.

We will check the sea for returning seabirds such as Razorbill and Guillemot -

birds preparing to breed again on the Farnes and Coquet Island. From here we

move to Druridge pools where we have more chances of seeing wintering

wildfowl alongside Garganey and perhaps a Spoonbill. There is also an outside

chance of Little Owl here.


Our final stop of the day will be Cresswell Pond where Barn Owl can sometimes

be seen and Avocets are increasingly regular. In addition the proximity of the

reserve to the sea means there is a good chance of seeing various wildfowl that

commute between here and the sea - ducks like the Wigeon, Goldeneye and

Red-breasted Merganser.

Last years trip in April was popular and we had some great birding, Sandwich Terns and Avocets had already returned for Spring. Birds were singing and displaying and we managed to see 67 species throughout the day. We will start off with a check of the sea and beach before moving on to Cresswell, Druridge Pools, and finally East Chevington.

The price for a full day tour is £65 for one person or £60 each if you book as a group of two

or more people. If you are interested in coming, please get in touch using either the details below or our Contact Us page.


Tour Information



OR for two or more:


Tour Length: 1 day.

Walking Effort: Minimal

Leader: Andrew Kinghorn


If you would like any more information, or would like to book a tour with us then please do not hesitate to get in touch. See our contact us page or simply email/call:

E: birdwatchnorthumbria@hotmail.com

T: 07717 024099

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