Come and enjoy a full and varied programme of guided birdwatching walks, presentations on birds and their God-given significance, plus inspirational times of quiet Celtic-style worship.


195 per person + B&B accommodation at the Open Gate


Thursday, 1st January
Saturday, 3rd January, 1970
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Even Sparrows 3 day retreats on Holy Island

Unusual 3 day break when we follow the words of Jesus to look at the birds. It involves quiet Christian worship, reflection and guided birdwatching walks which are ideal for complete beginners and keen birdwatchers alike. Each retreat has a theme examining particular birds of the Bible; for example, the dove, the raven and the eagle. And each shares the simple message that God loves us, along with the rest of creation.

Our time will be spent on and around Holy Island which hosts a wide variety of waders, duck and geese. Our precise programme will depend on bird news and in spring we might head to the mainland to look for migrant arrivals.

These retreats are designed both for Christians and for people sympathetic to the Christian faith who wish to learn more about birds in a place internationally famous for its birdlife and its Celtic Christian heritage. Holy Island itself boasts fabulous scenery that we shall explore and is rich in a spiritual history that includes St Cuthbert (the first Briton known to protect birds!)

PRICE: The APRIL retreat is for 3 nights from Friday 31 March to Monday 3 April.
The SEPTEMBER retreat is for 3 nights from Friday 15- Monday 18 September.
195 per person + B&B accommodation at the Open Gate

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