The following bird art was kindly prepared for Birdwatch Northumbria by John Patten, a local artist. Below are a series of woodcut bird prints created by John.

Interested in both the natural world and graphic art, John combines the two in his relief prints and wood engravings, mainly but not exclusively of birds. The great Tyneside illustrator Thomas Bewick would immediately recognize the process, if not all of the species...

Click each picture to view a larger version.

Mark Shipperlee

Mark Shipperlee is a locally based photographer who has spent the last couple of years building a collection of "The Birds of Northumbria" images; some sample photos are on this website. For those interested in technical details I use a Canon 20D mainly with a Sigma 170-500mm lens, and print out onto photographic paper. For more information on images, prices, commissions, etc please email me at

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